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We believe we have established a great reputation as two of the leading leadership classroom Trainers/Facilitators in the UK, so we have successfully taken our established experience online via virtual classroom programmes. We also have a team of like-minded, highly qualified, training Associates we work with for the larger projects.

The business world has clearly changed forever and moving training online is now at the top of many agendas and is a positive move towards ensuring that organisations quickly achieve a cost effective competitive advantage, based on realising the true potential of individuals, teams and ultimately bottom line profit.

As these programmes are delivered online the cost savings in travel, room hire and accommodation are immense, the benefits to the environment are clear and the saving in time away from the business is substantial.

Change Creation quickly design and develop the bespoke material on a client basis, ensuring that every learning opportunity supports the development of individual, team and organisational capability, with emphasis on adding value by using concepts and language that is familiar to the participants.

One of the main advantages of bespoke, in-company training online is that it is ‘wholly appropriate’, in that all the topics can be presented and discussed against the culture and practices of your company.

We believe that by working with you to develop learning interventions that take into account all your learning objectives, we will deliver a sustainable, long term change in skills and behaviour that drive your company towards its goals.

Needless to say, we are continually delivering exceptional service, outstanding learning events and recognisable results.

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“Our virtual workshops are so much more than an on-line presentation,” explains Shaun. “We believe in making these workshops memorable by utilising our learning platforms to their maximum. In essence, it’s about keeping our workshops exciting, interactive and most importantly, productive.”


What organisations we have worked with say (names available on request):

  • “Amazing coaches, trainers, facilitators – Change Creation are inspirational and they completely tailored our one year talent programme to fit our business and desired outcomes. Highly recommended.”
  • “A truly motivational programme delivered by truly motivational trainers meant that we have worked closely to deliver even more innovative programmes developed to specifically suit our business needs.”
  • “They worked in a highly integrated way with a diverse, international team of in-house HR specialists as well as experts from the line. They integrated very well into the team and were able to work flexibly in our offices in Germany, the training campus in Paris as well as from home to deliver excellent results as well as value for money. I would hire Change Creation again and recommend them without reservation.”




What our most recent participants say:

  • “These guys provide great leadership training, the content keeps you interested and stays with you, definitely recommend.” Eddie Frew Head of Business
  • “2 of the most experienced and accomplished trainers I have ever met. I enjoyed their classes and took loads away from them to put into action. This will be the difference in achieving my career ambitions.” Mark Dooler, A/S Manger
  • “I have loved working with you over the last few years and believe your motivation, energy, innovation and skill sets have had a huge positive influence on myself, my management team and our business. I look forward to working with you again virtually in the future.” Andi Wooley, General Manager
  • “First class training!” Andy Penn, Manager
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