Just back from this event and I thought I ought to feedback. This workshop is probably the best development course I have been on, and the comments from the other four guys from Barry power station who were on the course with me, also reflect my opinion. The Facilitators delivered an excellent programme and as you indicated, the course was punctuated with relevant anecdotal examples. After two days with these two gents, I feel as though I have known each of them for years. Fantastic interaction and very approachable. If you do decide to initiate a follow up course, please book us onto it. This has been a great example of minimum expenditure having maximum impact, as feedback from the workshop has been excellent. More importantly we have seen a significant behavioural change in the areas where we needed it.

Mike Roe
Sales Director

Change Creation is currently working at all levels across our business on various different projects and I constantly receive complimentary comments regarding their work. They are fun to deal with, but remain the ultimate professionals. They are strong in all the required areas where we need training services and their Diagnostic, Development and Delivery all compliment British Gas’s very high standards and the expectations of our staff. They work in a unique and innovative way and seem to have found the secret of delivering skills in the real world and creating long term behavioural change in individuals.

Emma Canter
Head of People Development

The results from the Employee Opinion Survey became a concern for our function. Change Creation was asked to develop some ideas that would help improve the way we operated both internally and externally. After the initial consultation period, they developed and facilitated an innovative programme for the Leadership Team over three phases and with the Wider Team over two phases. The programme included a visioning session to develop our ‘Desired Future State’ and the characteristics/behaviours that would drive the teams towards it. This was the bedrock for developing ways to enhance firstly our internal relationships and then our external ones through a greater understanding of how and why we behave in different ways. The real benefit is being felt now with improved employee results, greater, and more effective communication and a reality that we can achieve our desired future state of ‘Delivering Beyond the Expected. .

Adrian Morris
General Counsel

We needed a basic one day workshop within British Gas Residential, to increase the level of commercial awareness of our first line management population. Change Creation provided us with the perfect trainer to deliver the programme. Following the successful pilot, the course will be available and delivered to all our team managers across the business.

Kirstie Bellwood
People Development Manager

During the 4 week induction process, all of our Account Managers attended a 2 day workshop which was developed to prepare them for the tough job ahead. We asked Change Creation to review the programme and content of our current Behavioural Workshop. They recommended that the 2-day behavioural training workshop should be delayed until the new Account Managers had spent a number of weeks ‘living’ their new role. We implemented this with great success. Change Creation then developed and delivered an outstanding 2 day skills and behavioural change workshop, which during the past 2 years has been successfully embedded into our business and is seen as an integral part of the Account Management Development Programme.

Ben Dilkes
Learning and Development Manager
British Gas Business.

The objective was to create a real desire for our management population to actively participate and attend the course in a positive frame of mind. ”The feedback has far exceeded our expectations and we are extremely pleased that we ran these sessions. Our Managers are now looking forward to the roll out of The Leadership Effectiveness Programme in the knowledge that it will help drive the change required.

Zoe Hammond Training & Development Manager
The Management Development Team

The feedback on the success of the Leadership Effectiveness workshop at British Gas Business reached us here at Residential and after various meetings with Change Creation, we decided to run a series of 2 day workshops in our divisions. All of our team leaders rated the 2 days as extremely beneficial and were clearly inspired to create positive change within themselves and their teams. The group action plans that emerged over the 2 days showed us that our leaders had worked closely together to develop genuine actions for positive and sustainable change.

Rob Hanrahan
Head of Service Delivery

Following extensive diagnostic work, the Change Creation team developed the programme for us, and then facilitated a series of sessions to ensure that a core group of our Trainers were capable of delivering each of the 8 behavioural workshops to our exacting standards. They work closely with our planning team, act as mentors to our Trainers and fully support the programme via observation and feedback. The Change Creation team have built an excellent working relationship with all the project team that has really helped the work progress. They are clearly committed to ensuring that everyone involved has the necessary skills to deliver the programme effectively.

Simon Bellwood
Learning & Development Manager

Having personally attended the Leadership Development session, I was convinced that Change Creation was the company to assist us to develop and deliver the largest Customer Service training programme we have ever undertaken. Three modules were designed and developed by the Change Creation team and they are currently delivering this programme to all the relevant people in our business. Feedback to date has been outstanding.

Aaron Martins
Learning & Development Consultant

We were seeking ways to change the behaviours of our middle management team. One of our Directors who had used them in a previous organisation recommended “Change Creation”. Their proposal and prior to delivery, their diagnostic, excited us and design work impressed us all, resulting in a final programme that completely matched our specific needs. This was eventually reflected in the exceptional post evaluation feedback from our management team.

Helen Lovegrove
Learning & Development Manager
British Gas Business

Amazing Coaches/Trainer/Facilitators- Change Creation were inspirational and they completely tailored our one year talent program to fit our business and desired outcomes. Highly recommend.

Rhiannon Raymond-Hill
OCS Group Ltd

I had the pleasure of working with Shaun and Trevor during a recent sales training course and cannot even begin to describe how incredible i found the whole experience. Their infectious personality made learning both informative and fun, the cynic inside us all that thought this was going to be "another sales course" was quite quickly banished, not to be seen again within the first few moments of us meeting them. The content of the course was very relevant to the range of different sales abilities in the room and not only did I learn a lot about selling techniques and how to read people, but I also learnt a scary amount about myself and how other people may perceive me. If anyone has the chance to work with Shaun and Trevor or is thinking of bringing them in to their business then all I would say is do it! You will not regret it and the outcome will only be a positive one. I sincerely hope I am lucky enough to work with them again in the future.

Hannah Hudson
Internal Housing Account Manager
JLA Group

Shaun and Trevor are rare natural talents when it comes to public speaking and business to business sales coaching and leadership. I would recommend them as one of the best, if not the best, I've had the privilege of working with over my 14 year career. Their personalities are infectious and coupled with their experience and passion for coaching they really do have it all!

Liam Greenall
Strategic Business Development
PHS Group

Shaun and Trevor are fantastic creators and facilitators of effective behavioural training. I worked with them on a project which I was leading and I was amazed at their capacity to make difficult concepts accessible, at how they bring training to life through their effective storytelling and how they get all audiences, sometimes very difficult ones, to engage. I also enjoyed their delivery style, focussed on dialogue and delegate action, learnt a lot from them both and hope I can work with them again in the near future.

Vittorio Lanciaprima
Senior Consultant
Renault-Nissan Consulting

I had the pleasure of working with Shaun and Trevor over a period of 3 weeks as part of my induction. Their sales training was excellent and most of all very engaging which made every day very enjoyable. I certainly learned a lot from my time and would highly recommend them to anyone needing sales training.

Paul Dolan
National Accounts Director

The team at Change Creation developed a fantastic talent programme to be delivered to the top talent within OCS UK. The delivery by Shaun and Trevor was fantastic as they are informative, engaging and make the learning experience for all individuals extremely fun! They are fantastic coach and really took the time to get to know the individuals on the course, understanding their strengths and development areas in order to see how they could support their ongoing professional development. The feedback from the business was fantastic and I wouldn't hesitate in recommending The Change Creation team to other clients.

Sarah Moyo
HR Director

Shaun is a highly charismatic, interesting individual who taught a professional selling course whilst I was working for Mercedes in the UK. He made the course extremely enjoyable and interesting - his passion and character really come across when he is talking with the group. I felt he tailored his class for individual specific needs. I would highly recommend Shaun in any presenting/coaching role.

David Overton
Sales Executive
Auckland, Newmarket

Having completed the JLR Leadership Development Programme classroom based modules spanning a period of 12 months I can honestly say that Shaun and Trevor have changed my approach to my professional and personal life. They allowed, encouraged and stimulated fun and humour whilst ensuring that the thought provoking content we covered was easy to understand and to relate to. I have never experienced "training" (it never once felt like training!) with such relevant, interesting , and inspiring content in all my (extensive) years in the industry and felt genuinely disappointed when the final module came to an end. Their relaxed and inclusive style means that you are never bored and always captivated and engaged. I now feel much better equipped to deal with the professional challenges that come my way.

Frank Kinner
Head of Business
Stratstone Land Rover Aylesbury

When you attend a training course there is always the fear you don’t get anything out of it. I can sincerely say that Shaun and Trevor's approach was refreshing, engaging and fun, more importantly the content of all the courses I attended was totally relevant. I have put into practice a lot of the content which has made me that 1 percent better in several areas, if you want improvement in business and personal life I would highly recommend Shaun, Trevor and the team.

Jason Hurst
Head of Business
Inchcape Jaguar, Land Rover

I have been working closely with Shaun and Trevor over the past 12 months and I can truly say that the behavioural based leadership programme led by them, has by far been the best in my career. They have a unique way of delivering the programme with a sense of humour and with realism at every stage. I would strongly recommend any aspiring leader to work with Shaun and Trevor and experience this rare and refreshing approach. This has helped me immensely in my own personal development.

Kenny Mark
Head of Business
Jardine Motors Group

I have worked with Shaun and Trevor for almost a year now. The content of the training and the way it was presented was far superior than any course i have been associated with. As ever i was initially sceptical of another manufacturers course (I have been on quite a few, some good some not so good) but every day made the travelling and time out of my business well worth the effort. Its not often i recommend trainers or facilitators but they certainly deliver what they promise, and I really enjoyed the way Shaun, Trevor and their team delivered the content. No only was it was in a matter of fact, "unfluffy" "unjargonated" (new words there!) way but they were all totally professional, interesting and actually made it fun. I took away a lot of things that would benefit my business. If you are looking for a team who can deliver then look no further. Thank you to Shaun for giving me additional tools and ideas that will definitely improve my business.

Kenny Curran
Head of Business Kentdale Jaguar Land Rover.

I would describe Shaun as an ‘MC with content’. Each year we have a major sailing event for our corporate customers and DCUK senior directors. The event runs all day commencing at 8 am with afternoon activites closing at 4.30 pm. By 8.00 pm Shaun has turned the stories of the day into humorous anecdotes in the evening to entertain the audience. He ‘compares’ the evening activities, introducing our senior executives, guest speakers and the evening’s entertainment. We have already booked him for various events Conferences and Launches in 2008. His company is also involved with the training of our dealership Sales Staff and Service Departments throughout the UK and the formal feedback is always extremely positive both from the delegates and our Training Centre

Colin Niklas, Corporate Manager
Mercedes Benz

We were looking for behavioral change in a particular area and we had heard that Change Creation had delivered a similar talk at our sister company Audi which had received excellent feedback” ”They threw themselves fully into the project and even carried out some ‘mystery shops’ to ensure that he was fully prepared for the session. It has been clear from the feedback we have received from our delegates, that our decision to use them was fully justified and we will definitely be using them again

Andrew Medcraft
Product Marketing Manager

Pendragon Contracts are part of Pendragon Plc. It is the largest automotive dealer group in Europe, with more than 250 outlets trading under quality names such as Stratstones and Evans Halshaw. Despite the turmoil in the market, the company had signed a number of significant new contracts over the past 12 months and felt that its sales force needed a timely boost to handle the challenges ahead. Change Creation planned and implemented a 2 day workshop to ensure that the team achieved the company’s workshop objectives to : Recognise and embrace the need for change Develop the appropriate behaviours to ensure a “Consultative” selling approach Identify the customers 8 stages to making a purchasing decision Match the Sales Process to the customers Buying Process Build a quick professional relationship using rapport Use effective questioning and listening techniques to establish the customers needs Handle difficult questions, overcome objections and secure a firm commitment from the customer Effectively implement a ‘Commitment to Action’ Following the workshop Mike Roe, Sales Director commented, “This has been a great example of minimum expenditure having maximum impact, as feedback from the workshop has been excellent. More importantly we have seen a significant behavioural change in the areas where we needed it.” Following the success of the workshop, Pendragon decided to extend the workshop to all their support staff where the objectives were to: Recognise and embrace the need for personal development/change Develop the appropriate communication behaviours to ensure a ‘Consultative Support’ approach Understand the part Sales Support play in ‘The Sale’ Be able to use effective questioning and listening techniques to establish the Sales Person’s and Customer’s needs Once again this proved to be a great success” said Mike. “It helped establish an increased understanding between Sales and Sales Support which can only enhance the service we deliver to our customers.”

We needed all our staff to go through a major culture change which many of them were resisting mainly due to fear of change. Shaun presented to them all and convinced them to step outside their comfort zones. He was very motivational which was just what was required, at that moment in time. The feedback was excellent and I would highly recommend him to other businesses needing the same inspiration and motivational elements added to their armoury.

Simon Grover, National Call Centre Manager

I didn’t think it was possible to engage 250 Service Engineers plus all our office staff but it happened as promised. Over the period of 4 months it took us to put everyone thought the programme I was continually amazed at the positive feedback I was hearing from both the delegates and their management. Very outside the box and very innovative.

Gasforce (part of Connaught plc)

A truly motivational programme delivered by a truly motivational trainer meant that we have worked closely to deliver even more innovative programmes developed to specifically suit our business needs.

UK L & D Manager
Virgin Atlantic Airways

We have been working with Change Creation for several years and have built a mutual and successful relationship. The first major project with us was to design and implement a unique customer service programme for all staff to attend. This programme has been successfully developed and delivered to all the target audience and is now a core programme for all new people joining our head office at every level. The content and delivery style ensures that we live our core values of Quality, Service and Pride both internally and externally, I am certain that this programme has played a key role in achieving this. When we were looking to develop a bespoke program for our top 20 unit mangers, due to the success and feedback from the Customer Service program, Trevor was the natural choice. They have designed and are now in the process of implementing a sales and marketing programme, giving our managers the tools and knowledge to profitability build their businesses. Listening to what our internal customers require is a crucial aspect of programme design and owing to the initial stakeholder research this programme has been very well received. There is no doubt that this is an innovative programme of events that delivers measurable bottom line improvements, results that our managers can take to the bank. I am looking forward to continuing to work in partnership with them over many years to come.

The course had a great influence in the performance of the training team, building their knowledge but most importantly their confidence. There has been a clear and measurable improvement in the performance of the trainers resulting most recently with an individual award received for one of the trainers at a recent Cabin Crew Award ceremony. We were so pleased with the outcome of this course that they have further developed programmes for the company and I have recently attended a management programme myself. Only then did I realise the impact that they have on its course attendees, the trainers are extremely knowledgeable and informative, I came away having learnt a great deal but most importantly, it was the concept of learning through fun that was most enjoyable. Without giving any of his secrets away, I can confidently say it was an experience never to be forgotten and I now recall the knowledge learnt through some very active, visual and audio memories!

Head of recruitment and training
GB Airways - Gatwick

Initially Trevor supported our company in the development of a program for Customer Consultants. We benefited a lot from Trevor’s experience in Customer Service topics using up to date sales and an innovative design. The cooperation with him was very professional and efficient, which is why we decided to develop another training session with him: Time Management. Not only that we could profit from Trevor’s off-the-shelf developments in this area, we benefited a lot from his experienced training delivery skills. The participants enjoyed this session very much. Trevor is a very engaging, motivational and knowledgeable trainer. Furthermore it is no problem for him to react flexibly to multi-national groups – all of this with a lot of humour and fun. I can confidently say that we enjoyed the cooperation with Trevor very much and the results were even better than expected.

Head of Training Design & Development
International Wholesaler

The programme that has been designed has really brought to life the principles of Category Development in a simple, effective and very understandable way. It is apparent that a great deal of thought went into making this such a well constructed and successful series of training events. Each module is very practical and hands on with a good blend of theory, group work, case studies and fieldwork with the ideas and materials being accessible to all the participants and their managers alike. You can tell from participating in the training events that as much thought and effort has gone into researching, planning and preparation of the materials as the actual delivery of the training, which is in itself highly professional. The whole audience was completely engaged, enthusiastic and fully participative during each event and is testimony to the total commitment of the delivery team.

Category Development & Innovations Manager

From the sound of the laughter emulating from our training room it sounded as though the delegates were having a great time! More importantly the feedback following the sessions has been outstanding and the action points truly reflect a day of interactive, stimulating and thoughtful reflection on how to take our business forward.

Managing Director
MNH Vehicle Contracts

Shaun has been involved with the training of all our employees and everyone has benefited. His planning and delivery is first rate and we are now organising a series of further training sessions over the next 12 months and beyond. I would recommend unconditionally.

Managing Director
Tuskerdirect Limited

We needed a mix of training and motivation as our various depots needed to work closer together to give the customer a seamless journey throughout our business. The ‘Who Killed the Sale?’ training alongside a culture change delivered by management ensured that our customers receive the level of service we desire. The training enabled the staff to feel confident to express their views, which in turn enabled us to implement new ideas.

Managing Director
Hill Hire plc (part of HBoS)

Shaun put together a customer service training course for some of our employees. His ability to devise and deliver a bespoke course, as well as putting everyone present at ease was second to none. He is held in high esteem within our company and I would recommend his services without needing to compare alternatives.

Corporate Operations and CRM Director
Camden Corporate Fleet Services

Following the very positive feedback we received from Hill Hire we repeated their success by putting every member of staff through the programme. Our Management Board were extremely pleased with the feedback report and have now recommended that other subsidiaries of HBoS use Shaun and Trevor to support their training needs.

Hill Hire Plc

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