Commercial Awareness

In challenging market and economic conditions, individuals need to have greater business awareness. Staff need to demonstrate an awareness of how an organisation operates at a strategic level and how external influences affect the organisation’s progress. Commercial Awareness training equips staff with the knowledge and skills to make decisions with a strong focus on the external environment and also highlights the impact that such changes may have internally.

Commercial Awareness: Understand it, develop it and use it to your advantage

In this day and age, it is recognised that many organisations seem to be talking about ‘commercial awareness’. If you’re confused by that phrase, then you’re in the right place! This part of our offering is aimed at people who have very little understanding of what companies want when they seek ‘commercially aware’ people.

So what is commercial awareness?

Quite simply, commercial awareness is all about having some understanding of the business world in its external environment and relating it to the internal organisational direction. It is all about being able to look at situations from a commercial perspective. This can mean understanding what makes a business successful and appreciating the factors that influence that success. Staff are becoming more involved in decisions that directly affect company performance, however, even at a junior level, employers will usually be looking for their people to have some appreciation of commerciality.

Commercial awareness is not something that you just suddenly ‘get’. You have to work hard to build it up over time. However, people can develop their commercial awareness in a number of different ways. At Change Creation, we have developed some of the most innovative ways to develop ’Commerciality’ and commercially aware people.

Please CLICK HERE to see examples of commercial awareness workshops which have been developed and delivered by our company for our clients.

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