Team Building

Strong and productive teams don’t happen by chance. They require the right blend of skills and behaviours from leaders and employees alike.

A team is a group of people working towards a common goal and therefore Team Building is the process of enabling a group of people to reach their goal. It becomes a management issue, and the most effective form of team building is that undertaken as a form of management consultancy, rather than as pure training (though there is a role for training within a programme of team building).

In its simplest terms, the stages involved in team building are:

  • To clarify the team goals
  • To identify those issues which inhibit the team from reaching their goals
  • To address those issues, remove the inhibitors and enable the goals to be achieved
  • To assign roles appropriately to achieve the goals
  • To agree and assign responsibilities for each role

Team building events can be a fantastic way to re-focus, re-energise and motivate teams to perform at a much higher level and Change Creation aim to maximise the effectiveness of both the team and the individual within the workplace through creating tailor-made team building events and corporate events.

We firmly believe that team building goes hand in hand with fun and learning, so, from team building events to facilitated learning we can find the ideal balance for your team and individuals on one hand and your corporate objectives on the other. A team that plays hard together works hard together and we have established a whole range of unique and fun activities that will increase the morale of your team and help them to work together as one.

In essence, our tailored events focus on the main skills and behaviours required in a successful business or organisation. We look to provide fun events which allow participants to plan their approach while still having the fun of taking part in the team challenge itself.

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