Development Centre and/or Assessment Centre?

There is a difference between a development centre and an assessment centre.

In basic terms, at an assessment centre, participants are in a pass or fail situation, in a development centre there is no pass or fail. Change Creation will help decide on the most appropriate centre and design a bespoke event based on delivering against organisational, cultural and operational needs.

Assessment centres

Assessment centres have always had a place in recruitment; traditionally they were used for large recruitment campaigns at graduate or junior level.  More recently, there has been a trend towards applying the same techniques to more senior positions.  So what can you expect when you visit one of Change Creations assessment centres?

Role play

  • Typically based around a scenario related to the role being recruited
  • ‘RealPlay’ tests the participants ability to perform in the role for which they have applied

Group exercise

  • Participants work together as a group towards a stated end goal as the assessors watch and listen
  • The assessors will be looking for candidates to take control of the situation, draw opinions from others, keep the group to time, stand their ground (without becoming argumentative) and successfully take the group to its stated goal

Behavioural event interview

  • Participants will be asked to discuss 2-3 specific occasions in their career to date, either key successes or occasions that didn’t have the desired outcome
  • Participants are typically assessed against a list of pre-agreed corporate competencies

Biographical interview

  • Participants are interviewed against their CV
  • Questioning is targeted around understanding experiences, responsibilities to date, motivations, why certain career moves have been made, expectations etc.

Verbal and numerical testing

  • Gives an indication of the ability to process both verbal and numerical information while working to a time limit
  • These tests are conducted either prior to or on the assessment day

Psychometric testing

  • These are used to help assess the participants culture fit and psychological make-up

Presentation exercise

  • Participants are asked to pre-prepare a presentation, often based around a proposed business plan for their first 6 months in the role
  • While the quality of the slides and content is important, of more importance is the delivery of the presentation and the ability to think on their feet when fielding questions

Development Centres

Our Development Centres are bespoke and built on market insight. We do not deliver “one size fits all” Development Centres for our clients ensuring the themes and tasks respond to our client’s differing needs. Our Development Centres are typically designed to:

  • Build personal awareness of strengths and areas for development in relation to the organisational competencies
  • Understand personal strengths and how to use them to best effect in the organisation
  • Understand the one or two critical areas that get in the way of personal effectiveness and help build strategies that improve these areas
  • Support individuals in growing their awareness and doing some things differently in order that they can be the most effective leader or manager they know

Designing a Change Creation Development Centre

Our Development Centres are specifically designed to meet organisational, cultural and operational needs based on the essential skills, knowledge and behaviours required to achieve personal and organisational goals. The outputs confirm that there is a best possible match between the needs and values of an organisation and the people.

Typically, participants are taken through a series of exercises, simulations and business scenarios. The outputs from these activities are analysed against agreed criteria and performance requirements and are fed back to the individuals by our skilled, trained assessors. Participants receive development feedback throughout the event, culminating in a full feedback session within one week of completion.

Participants at the development centre are observed by our trained assessors who ideally have no prior knowledge of them, ensuring performance observed is interpreted and measured against required competence criteria.

We offer a range of flexible tools and services, including recognised industry standard psychometric questionnaires and ability tests which complement our exercises and give a rounded picture of the individual.

A Change Creation Development Centres may include:

  • Simulations and business scenarios
  • One to one ‘RealPlay’ situations
  • Group exercises
  • Psychometric ability tests and personality questionnaires
  • Verbal and numerical reasoning tests
  • Development feedback throughout the event
  • Final written development reports

Change Creation Development Centres are designed and implemented for:

  • Career development
  • Graduate development
  • Management development
  • Succession planning
  • Ongoing personal development

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