Team Development

At Change Creation we have people who have extensive experience of working with teams at every level within an organisation.

We recognise that each team’s solution will be as different, and sometimes as complex, as the people that make up the team. Therefore, our approach to Team Development quite naturally begins with close analysis of the team in its working environment, to establish current team practices and identify the specific needs of that team.

To support the development of a team through each stage of maturity, Change Creation has access to a number of assessment tools and qualified facilitators including MBTI, FIRO, SDI, ECI, MTRi, MPG, Belbin, ILS, OPQ and TA Drivers. We ensure that any assessment tool chosen, provides the precise insights for the individuals and their teams, generating a deeper understanding of themselves and their colleagues.

Extract from one of Change Creation’s client’s story:

Legal and Regulatory Team Development

“In 2009 the results from the Employee Opinion Survey became a concern for our function,” explains Adrian Morris, General Counsel. “Change Creation was asked to develop some ideas that would help improve the way we operated both internally and externally. After the initial consultation period, they developed and facilitated an innovative programme for the Leadership Team over three phases and with the Wider Team over two phases. The programme included a visioning session to develop our ‘Desired Future State’ and the characteristics/behaviours that would drive the teams towards it.”

“This was the bedrock for developing ways to enhance firstly, our internal relationships and then our external ones through a greater understanding of how and why we behave in different ways. The real benefit is being felt now with improved employee results, greater, and more effective communication and a reality that we can achieve our desired future state of ‘Delivering Beyond the Expected’.”

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