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A revolution is underway in the call centre / contact centre industry, being driven by three critical shifts in the marketplace:

  • Changing demographics
    • New generations of consumers are gaining purchasing power and changing the way customers’ gather information, make decisions and communicate
  • New communication modes
    • Consumers are rapidly adopting new access methods
  • More risks to customer service
    • Consumers are less tolerant of poor service, more inclined to leave after a single bad experience, and likely to broadcast their dissatisfaction using social media

A recent study into call centres showed the following:

  • Only 24% of employees considered themselves truly loyal and committed to their organisation
  • 33% of employees were high risk, not committed and not planning to stay
  • 39% were classified as “trapped”, planning to stay but not committed to their organisation

To address these changes, companies need an end-to-end customer experience management approach that helps them leverage existing resources alongside the latest best practices and enabling technologies.

Having worked recently with one of the UK’s largest call centres, Change Creation has a number of initiatives to re-energise the performance of an existing inbound or outbound team to achieve better results. These initiatives will positively influence the behaviours of your people to become the truly memorable voice of your brand.

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