Why do you need Customer Service Training?

In today’s competitive markets, customer service often determines the winners and losers. The People aspect of business is really what it is all about. Think of customers as individuals. Once we think that way, we realise our business is our customer, not our product or services. Companies often wring their hands over poor service and vow to do more training and vow to change the situation, and commit themselves to service.

Do you recognise that customer care is the key to successful, profitable and enjoyable business, yet feel that your company, or people within it, are failing to deliver what is required?

Whilst almost every course we deliver is in response to a perceived problem with the way staff work, your solution will be different because your staff, your environment and your marketplace, are unique.

The concept of ‘Customer Care’ is one that is often used without being implemented appropriately, but if your company lives up to these claims, you will create better customer relationships and a smoother, more efficient and more profitable operation.

Change Creation can work in partnership with you to define your objectives, the way topics need to be covered, and which skills and behavioural improvements will be most effective.

The result? Your Customers will be treated appropriately by staff who understand the importance of their role and how to fulfil it, so as to maximise benefit to the company.

The kind of areas we look at are as follows:

  • Defining Good Customer Service
  • What Customer Service Skills do you Already Have?
  • Dealing with Difficult, Rude or Indifferent Customers
  • Internal and External Customers
  • Achieving Real Excellence in Customer Service
  • Advanced Listening and Responding Skills
  • How to make the Customer’s Point of View Work for you
  • Developing New Customer Relationships
  • Caring for Yourself as well as your Customers
  • Handling Complaints with Empathy and Efficiency

Please CLICK HERE to see examples of Customer Service workshops that have been developed and delivered by our company for our clients

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