Role Play Actors

Professional roleplay, or ‘RealPlay’ as we like to call it, is a highly effective and well established method of developing communication skills and behaviours that draw upon the abilities of professional actors to bring reality to roleplay training sessions.

A ‘Real Player’ is a professionally trained actor, who takes on the role of customer, client, or colleague, in a ‘roleplay’ situation, (either fictitious or reality), with the person you are developing, recruiting or assessing.

Through ‘RealPlay’, the participants gain practice at facing ‘real life’ situations and are given the chance to simulate encounters with customers, clients or colleagues, in a safe environment where mistakes can be made without damage to your organisation.

Change Creation ‘RealPlayer’ represents an experienced team of professional actor ‘RealPlayers’, with a wide cross section of experience in the business world. Our ‘RealPlayers’ will fully learn your ‘briefs’, follow your instructions and be able to give honest and objective feedback.

RealPlay is a practical, life-like interaction, between a ‘RealPlayer’ and participant, monitored by experienced facilitators. Participants can demonstrate their skill level and behavioural traits or act out a scenario for the Facilitator to use during the feedback session. Assessors can test for competencies, employers can find the right person for a job or promotion, and trainers can give feedback, based on what they have just seen.

  1. Skill development. For example, management training that practices staff performance reviews, disciplinary interviews or recruiting talent
  2. Assessment. At assessment centres, testing staff on relevant competencies, company policy and procedure
  3. Selection/Recruitment. Candidates, who possess the required range of skills and competencies, can be identified

By using ‘RealPlay’ training, you can prepare your staff to succeed in these vital interactions, in a safe environment, where mistakes can be made without lasting effect.

Why use an actor-‘RealPlayer’ rather than an existing staff member?

  1. Credibility. As professionally trained actors, our ‘RealPlayers’ will truthfully maintain characters, emotions and attitudes. They are masters of improvisation and can take on many different characters in the same training session
  2. Memory. Our ‘RealPlayers’ are skilled in quickly memorising your instructions, learning your ‘briefs’, following your directions and meticulously adhering to the requirements of your scenario
  3. Consistency. ‘RealPlayers’ will be consistent, when seeing different candidates enabling you to accurately measure specific competencies and to assess the performance of each candidate
  4. Flexibility. Our ‘RealPlayers’ have the ability to behave in whatever way is useful to you, for example; being challenging, arrogant, withdrawn, complaining, high-powered or bullying
  5. Objectivity. As outsiders, the ‘RealPlayers’ have a distance from your company, allowing them to be objective in their reactions and responses. Workplace dynamics and power plays are removed
  6. Observation and reaction. ‘RealPlayers’ are good listeners and are talented at observing behaviour in a participant and then responding realistically in role, by either verbal or non-verbal communication
  7. Feedback. On request, our ‘RealPlayers’ will give objective, evidence based feedback, verbally or in written form
  8. Business Backgrounds. We represent the very best ‘RealPlayers’ with vast business experience in a wide cross section of work, from teaching to health, and sales to finance. This makes our ‘RealPlayers’ more believable, more knowledgeable and more effective

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